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Need a propane tank refill for your barbecue grill? Choose RapidXchange.

With RapidXchange, you’ll get the quickest, safest and most convenient propane tank exchanges around! With every Xchange, you’ll get:

  • Quality — Get a like-new cylinder at every exchange. No more greasy, rusty cylinders to carry!
  • Safety — Thanks to our 12-step refurbishing process, you’ll always have a safe, high-quality cylinder. We guarantee it!
  • Convenience — Our tanks are available at convenience, hardware and grocery stores – many of which are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Learn more about how our program works here!

Need a propane tank refill? It’s easy!

1. Find a RapidXchange center using our zip code search.
2. Leave your old cylinder at the outdoor RapidXchange display.
3. Tell the clerk that you want to exchange your propane cylinder.
4. Your clerk will give you a safe, high-quality RapidXchange cylinder.

That’s it!